unsought alpha (ways in which various things could be better that I am not currently intending to personally act on (beyond writing this))

obvious (for each, >80% confidence that the world would be significantly better if it is implemented)

For most of the things listed below, it strikes me as bonkers that these have not been implemented yet. I am not necessarily claiming that the “optimal world” has the property below, just that “ceteris paribus” it would be an improvement compared to the current state.

Wikipedia should pay editors

essentially every course should be jointly created and strongly optimized by a coalition of universities

academic publishing should happen on forums, with public comments replacing current reviews

every country should give a visa with work authorization to anyone with an IQ of >115

having an IQ of 100 (not normalized by age group) should be sufficient (but not necessary) for getting voting rights, i.e. regardless of age

more speculative

speech should be a protected category (like race, religion, etc.)

if statues of Jefferson should be removed, then cathedrals should be demolished